Ria Catsicas


Specialist Details

  • Date 01 Jan 2019
  • Qualifications BSc Dietetics (Cum Laude) (NWU)
    BA Psych (UNISA)
    MNutrition (Stellenbosch)
  • About Ria is the founding partner of Nutritional Solutions which has become one of the leading dietetic practices in South Africa. Ria is a specialist in the practise of nutrition management in diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity and has authored the book, “The Complete Nutritional Solutions to Diabetes”. She writes regularly for a variety of publications ranging from lifestyle magazines to scientific journals such as the South African Journal of Diabetes and South African Medical Journal. She regularly contributes to the promotion of nutrition education and gives nutrition a “voice” by regular appearances on, radio, TV shows and conferences.
  • Phone Number/s +27 (0)11 023 8051/52
  • Email Address/es admin@nutritionalsolutions.co.za
  • Website Address www.nutritionalsolutions.co.za
  • Specialities Nutrition

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